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Let Them Come

They will come for you
Brace yourself
No running, no hiding
You are better than that
Deserve to defend
The fire in your eyes
The heart in your body
The thoughts in your head
The faith in your soul
For you have done no wrong
Never a con
Never sly intent
Only innocent, naive
So you owe yourself love

Let them come for you
Embrace yourself
No whining, no crying
You are more than that
Deserve to avenge
The love you put out there
The pride you set aside
The trust you offered freely
The dream you cast adrift
You owe yourself cleansing
And then, a hero’s welcome
Loud, clear, rousing

Let them come for you
Raise yourself
No stopping, no sighing
You are stronger than that
Do not pretend
It didn’t hurt
It didn’t sting
It didn’t stun
For it threw you off balance
Snatched a moment from life
It had to happen, though
For you to see yourself
To rise and shine
Believe in the design
Of fate’s skilled hand
And meet its demand

If you were wounded
‘Twas so you could learn to heal
If you were betrayed
‘Twas so you could open your eyes
It was meant to be a hard lesson
So that, when they come for you
Again, as they plan to,
You will know better
Than to let yourself down
Let them come for you
Let them come



For I am ME

I am happy
Like the marooned sailor
Spotting a fleet of brethren

I am loved
Like swollen raindrops
Falling on a starving land

I am enduring
Like once-frosty trees
Dismissing winter’s claim

I am phenomenal
Like feisty soldiers
Heading for another mission

I am resilient
Like bent blades of grass
Surviving the worst storm

I am a mystery
Like the black void
Intriguing all who inspect

I am compassion
Like the last bread
Given away by a poor man

I am a healer
Like the circus clown
Spreading joy even while in pain

I am me
Like you never dreamed could be
Mocking your hate, untruth, vanity
I am me
Like you never thought could be
Repelling your venom with simple pity

I am me
Like you never can be
So you might as well
Watch your words
Spare your opinions
Save your face
And mind your tongue
You do not get my time
Let alone my defeat!

For I am me
Like you never can hope to be.


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You are the Reason – Poem

Do you truly love me, I ask you
A question so foolish
I know before I say the words
I cannot help it, though
This heart refuses to hush
It craves a response
Time and again, I ask, you reply
Not in words alone, but in action
In thought, in compassion.

You are not the answer to a prayer
You are why I thank my stars
Instead of pleading with them!

Do I love you, you never ask
It is also a question foolish
How can I help but love you?
With all the pull and push
Life being this mad rush
I drowned in my own shadow
And you appeared like the Sun
Not in my want, but in need
A void waiting to be filled.

You are not the answer to a prayer
For with all my heart, I could never
Dare to wish for such benevolence!

You scare me sometimes,
With this larger than life business
I have you on a pedestal
How can I then touch you?
The deprived ones eye my fortune
I want to cling tight to you
Look away from me and I will droop
Be mine, my own sunshine

You are not the answer to a prayer,
You are way more than that…
You are the rescuer of my soul!
You are why the earth still moves!
You are why there is joy in my heart!
You are why I believe there is a God!



A Mother’s Joy

Words fail me,
As I gasp in delight
At how very cute you are
Arresting my heart
In seconds, oh
I am star-struck.

Hopping, running,
You frogmarch me,
Shaking my hand urgently
Spinning me round
Round and round
And tell me things

I not only hear you, but
Also feel to the core
A joy in my heart
At the way you hand me
Your treasured happiness

Like I am the only one
In the world
Worth sharing it with

No filters, no doubts,
Your soul is crystal clear
And I can see
Those eyes, they
Smile away at me.

A charming prospect
You make, with
Your sweaty face
In radiant hues
Like the glowing sun
Framed by messy hair
Damp with scent
I will love you
All my life.

Freeze this moment
Shine some more
Spin me round and round
Tell me those
Little stories again
In your innocent glee

Talk in parrot-abandon
Of all accomplishments
Like squirrel-spotting
Crayon artwork
Collected berries
And lost puppies.

Enchant me with
The crazy characters
That only a child can be
Make those gestures
Show me the trees
Mimic the buzzing
Of busy bees

How happy I am, child
To be in your world
Involved, welcomed,
Trusted, and loved

Spread your arms, honey
Spin me round again
I can never ever tire of this!
But if you want to play
In the dust once more
Sure you can, just
Kiss my cheek and run off,
And come back real soon.

You’ll always be THE one

How I beseeched you not too long ago
Not to return my poor heart to me
Of what use was the thing, anyway
Too tired to even try beating again

I refused to leave your porch till dawn
My tears sighed all night at my plight
Maybe it was just another day for you
But my life was begging to be excused

The strength I never claimed to possess
Was being tested to my utter dismay
For who wants to be brave and smile?
When agony is killing you from inside

Whom could I trust when I left all behind
To run after you, tied to my blind hopes
The mystery seemed so welcoming then
I wanted to stay hidden from the world

Protected, mind you, loved, cherished
I gave my all so you may not complain
I loved the good and bore every flaw
You were my universe, to you I belonged
Give me a reason you dashed my pleas

Wiped me out as if I was a disease
What more could I offer than my soul
I would die at your feet, feeling whole
It hurts, I tell you, though you can’t know

When a heart is damaged beyond repair
My innocence is punished in multiple ways
While you get to sit and enjoy the show
I curse not even my enemy to see this day

It is a blinding pain that few can survive
I just sit quietly, badly wanting to scream
Picking the pieces of a shattered dream
It is here that your sister finds me, stunned

As she reveals how you died this morning
I bite my lips, but my brain feels numb
I cannot comprehend why I am told at all
She cries about the crazy fool you were
Sending away the girl you madly loved

Shocking her into coping with your void
By blaming you and opting to forget you
Wow, so you chose to be the ‘bad’ one
Being ‘loved and lost’ did not appeal to you

I wipe my tears and now assure you I won,
You failed in that quest, you are THE one


To hell with all those laws you set
They won’t generate my interest
If you haven’t yet heard me right,
“You bet I won’t have a house arrest!”

Your rules are meant for breaking
Oh yeah, I won’t do things your way
Feel free to sit around sulking
But I’d rather you just go away

To hell with the sweet things you say
When you don’t mean them anyway
If you didn’t quite get the picture,
I tossed your bags out the doorway

Don’t want to be choking
Amidst all the smoking ruins of time
I want to enjoy just breathing
And live a life that’s truly mine

To hell with the mask you wear with ease
I can still clearly see what the truth is
And, if you think I am being fooled,
“Get lost, please!”

There are new sights I’m seeing
New roles that I seem to be cast in
It could be that I am dreaming
But then, the fun is all in believing

To hell with your threats and wily pleas
There’s no wool for you to fleece
I am no lamb to bow my head to you
Even when hell begins to freeze!

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