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For you have all of me

Like warm honey down a sore throat
Like in bleary winter getting a fur coat
You save me with your presence, and
I can’t seem to do without you
You have the power to dull any ache
Stay that way if you can for my sake

For I give you all of me
That is how it will be

Take care, would you?
For I cannot settle for
Small portions of you
I too need all of you.

Like a love sonnet Shakespeare wrote
Like chancing on an old friend’s note
You soothe me with your spirit, and
I can’t seem to heal without you
You have the power of the divine
Shine my way and gift me sunshine

For I give you all of me
That is how it will be

Take care, would you?
For I need to be told
That nothing’s unfair,
I too have all of you.

I have given myself away to you, walked down the aisle
Your name is on my heart and soul
And it’s only just that you do the same too, pretty please!

For I give you all of me
That is how it will be

So take care, would you?
For I deserve to be held
Told again and again
I will always have all of you.



A Little Love Won’t Hurt

I have a hive of thoughts inside my head,
Hazy with all the signs I think I read,
I see him standing over there by the light,
Staring through me (or at me?)
He could beat the stars at shining bright!

I should maybe pinch myself a little bit
If life is a sweet song, he just wrote it
I find him standing tall and so handsome,
Smiling at me from afar,
Oh hold my hand just take me home!

They say you just need to give love a chance to work
The way I’m feeling now, I think it likely wouldn’t hurt

I think I’m not my same old self tonight
I think the earth has vanished out of sight
I fancy him standing macho by my side
In my dream I’ve gotten so far
He’s my man and I’m his blushing bride!

We both are walking down the road, quietly
Our silences beg to differ; they’re speaking loudly
I wonder how much my soul is set to change
Trust Cupid has raised the bar
He stepped into my world and had it rearranged!

They say you just need to give love a chance to work
The way I’m feeling now, I say it surely wouldn’t hurt
Oh I must’ve got a songbird in my heart
And my sanity is pulling its hair apart!
If he just feels the way I do and says he’ll be mine
I might cuddle up forever on cloud number nine!

Sweet love

After a Hard Day’s Work

No sweeter feeling than to be going home to loved ones after a hard day’s work…


The Comet and the Sun

A speck in the cosmos
Invisible to most
I drifted, aimless
A solo existence…

Being an icy rock
I knew not of love
Or fiery passion
Until I was chosen
By you.

A magnificent inferno
Brilliant, blazing ball
Of scorching warmth
Drawing me closer
Chipping away at all
The hidden parts of me

My frozen body melting
I lost control in a trice
Bits of me pulled apart
In unrestrained response
I could not stop it, no
And so I fell for you

My core swiftly exposed
I knew instantly my fate
Surrendered even so,
For I had to touch you
And fulfil my fantasies
If it meant I’d die trying.

It was impossible to save
Anyway, by then
Any part of my soul
As your strong flare
Embraced my nucleus
I had eyes only for you,
I burned in devotion
Intense emotion
And thus the end began.

Slicing the black sky
I rain down in pieces
An epic love story
Destined to end in awe
Broken, but shimmering.

I smile at my fortune
As I come crashing
On display like a firework
But far more beautiful
Thanks to you
Oh dangerous love

My dramatic burning
Attracts the eye
It’s a dazzling show
I know not what I was before
But I know who I am now
Gasping for breath
Before I succumb in joy,
I repeat how I’m only
And truly, yours.


Scents of Longing

You there, that magical
Cologne he favours,
Sharp, fresh and easy
To define his morning

Revealing a little later
Subtle notes of jasmine
A very loving scent
Reminding me well
Of his vibrant smiles

Signing off with amber
Teasing my senses
Or is it musk?
I can’t wait for dusk

I enjoy seeing him
Off to work, whistling
It is an experience
That enchants me, excites me
Watching a man merry
Embracing life like that.

I miss that much of him
When he is out, but
I can savour at leisure,
His presence in absence
You ensure that, Cologne.

I owe you a lot, for
Your fragrance is unique
Just like him, and it
Leaves me longing too,
I want more of him.


Happily Married

So we fuss about little things

Lunch menus, clothes to wash

Yelling mad, yet managing

A kiss through all the rush


So we may say, sometimes

Just leave me alone, will you?

But like it just the same

When fussed over; it’s true


So we worry about the future

Dream about what one can do

The thing is we dream together

That’s how we make ’em true


So we are very different, but

Each other we complement

We laugh and learn as time goes

Even a tiff has its endearment


So our lives fall into a routine

Not every dinner is candlelit

But we are perfectly fine, for

The time together is worth it


So we see the frowns emerge

And wonder what’s happening

But laughter somehow follows

And it’s one big happy ending


So we have our share of blues

Like how we hate to wait, but

Through the grumbling we see

That every day’s another ‘date’


So may be honeymoon’s over

Why keep count of each mile?

The sweet nothings we mumble

Make the journey worthwhile

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The Infidel

The hollow silences
Incomplete sentences
You are avoiding my eye
I am beginning to see

I have been ousted
Without ado, banished
From a kingdom
I mistook to be mine

I can sense the shame
You can’t say my name
Guilt and exasperation
Both bursting in mind

I am tired of this act
Why not come clean
Better I set you free
Than stay here, broken

My pride is wounded
Dismay has me surrounded
I lay in bed with you
You smell of elsewhere

Our miserable choices
My misplaced trust
Your fickle fidelity
What choppy waters

I knew you well
Or so I thought
We share a house
But live separately

Should I walk out?
Would it be easy?
On me, on you?
Where are my answers?

You are trying a lot
To rescue the scene
I might not make it
You take your chance

Flee, and let me be
Let me see
I might be stronger
Than even I know


You are the Reason – Poem

Do you truly love me, I ask you
A question so foolish
I know before I say the words
I cannot help it, though
This heart refuses to hush
It craves a response
Time and again, I ask, you reply
Not in words alone, but in action
In thought, in compassion.

You are not the answer to a prayer
You are why I thank my stars
Instead of pleading with them!

Do I love you, you never ask
It is also a question foolish
How can I help but love you?
With all the pull and push
Life being this mad rush
I drowned in my own shadow
And you appeared like the Sun
Not in my want, but in need
A void waiting to be filled.

You are not the answer to a prayer
For with all my heart, I could never
Dare to wish for such benevolence!

You scare me sometimes,
With this larger than life business
I have you on a pedestal
How can I then touch you?
The deprived ones eye my fortune
I want to cling tight to you
Look away from me and I will droop
Be mine, my own sunshine

You are not the answer to a prayer,
You are way more than that…
You are the rescuer of my soul!
You are why the earth still moves!
You are why there is joy in my heart!
You are why I believe there is a God!



Raas Leela, the Divine Dance

Tulips bloomed shyly around the pool, flushed plum, their petals heavy with dew. Blades of grass had surrendered to the breeze, swaying this way and that willingly. The water shivered softly in anticipation as a tender gust of air caressed its skin. A silvery sheen rippled across the layer of grey, making the pool inviting enough for a dip. There were a dozen cows nodding off in the calm morning, their eyes half shut as they munched contentedly on the green turf. Calves frolicked about, chasing away the flies that buzzed as if in a choir. 

The Sun teased the Earth when her damp bosom waited for warmth to dispel her anxiety. He was mischievous today. Obliging clouds watched the proceedings in amusement. A few of the lucky fluffs had a touch of gold enveloping them. They beamed with pride as they maintained the coveted position for a minute. But other clouds tried their best to force them aside, and there was a bit of grumbling in the air.

The damsel, meanwhile, sat at the water’s edge, oblivious to her surroundings, smiling to herself. Her eyes were dripping dreams in the morning mist. She shut them for a minute, feasting on her vision of a love she worshipped. Her feet tapped by themselves, toying with the delicate anklets that tinkled sweetly. Her bright green skirt was in cheery contrast to the deep red blouse that framed her possessively. And her face, why, it looked as if all the honey in the world had poured into her luscious lips. The mole above her lips added to her beauty. Her cheeks had a touch of rose in them, faintly pink. Was she not blushing, then?

She picked a fallen feather, and rested it against her cheek as she imagined them together. The dove that had left the quill must have been a symbol of love, surely? Her heart brimmed with pleasure, eagerly waiting for the moment when they would be united. She sighed happily as time ticked by. A peacock appeared out of nowhere, heaving in vanity. The time had come. It spread out its plumage like the rainbow come alive. As it began prancing, the damsel stirred. She felt it. HE was nearby, watching her.

She got to her feet in confusion. Where was He? And then, she heard his flute work its magic, hypnotizing her. She surrendered. And she felt a pair of arms claim her by the waist. As she blushed deeper and bowed her head, The Lord raised her chin and looked into her bashful eyes. The wise rain drops showered the lovers with blessings. Slowly and in a trance, young girls from the village crept towards the pool in envy. They too wanted a share of the beloved Lord. He smiled at them in understanding as He held Radha close to His chest. And then, they all danced like a dream to the tunes of passion…


A Love Letter – Passionately Yours

Dearest Love,

You may wonder what this is about. I have been meaning to confess for ages, but never managed to speak a word without stumbling and stuttering as I looked into your kind brown eyes. So I write this letter, assuming that you are listening to my voice.

Some thoughts within tell me they are not meant to be caged. They want to fill the air around you with their desperation. I will proceed to carry their messages.

You have devoured my sanity! How you walk past me, in every dream, smiling that knowing smile. You occupy the silence in my throat. You make yourself at home when I am sitting idle.

I never try to stop you from taking my soul into your own fathomless heart, because I cannot. It is as if you held a rope of flowers, wrapped it securely around my heart, and pulled gently. That is how you coax me into doing myself something good.

I feverishly write some more, about the way I can stare at you without blinking. It is as if you are a dream so beautiful and fragile that any movement will disturb it. And I shall not risk that! You sitting there, engrossed in the mundaneness of the newspaper, are a celestial vision I will never regret being gifted with, every day.

You will agree with me about how, when one stands in a spot of sunshine on an otherwise cold day, the warmth is a cocoon around bare skin. How one can stand in the pleasant brightness for a long time, hugging yourself, eyes closed and smiling. That is what you do to me when you give me that sparkling smile at the end of every day.

If I banged my little toe into the corner of my desk, imagine the pain. Multiply that a thousand fold, and you will probably understand how it feels when you have to go away for a while. It is a merciless agony that takes control when I miss you.

I once picked at rose petals and just when I mentioned ‘loves me not’, I pricked my finger and an angry drop of blood admonished me. How dare I presume thus? I deserved the reprimand, for you can be anything except ‘not in love with me’.

Imagine being thirsty and not having a drop of water to drink, parched throat and all. On a really bad day, I look heavenwards and plead for mercy, and He sends you, with a river of kindness meant to soothe me. That is how a mere brush of your fingers makes me feel.

Sometimes when I lose control of my senses and make you the unwilling object of my anger, I say go to hell. A moment later, I will have realized that even hell would be sweetened by your presence.

Speaking of hell, I wonder what the angels in heaven are doing right now. They can happily play all the harps they want and brag of unprecedented bliss, but I have YOU. And that makes me happier and more blessed than them.

As I sit here in anticipation now, imagining the little laugh lines around your eyes that will surely form at these juvenile proclamations, I believe that this letter will truly convey my feelings for you. I love you.

Passionately yours.

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