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Happily Married

So we fuss about little things

Lunch menus, clothes to wash

Yelling mad, yet managing

A kiss through all the rush


So we may say, sometimes

Just leave me alone, will you?

But like it just the same

When fussed over; it’s true


So we worry about the future

Dream about what one can do

The thing is we dream together

That’s how we make ’em true


So we are very different, but

Each other we complement

We laugh and learn as time goes

Even a tiff has its endearment


So our lives fall into a routine

Not every dinner is candlelit

But we are perfectly fine, for

The time together is worth it


So we see the frowns emerge

And wonder what’s happening

But laughter somehow follows

And it’s one big happy ending


So we have our share of blues

Like how we hate to wait, but

Through the grumbling we see

That every day’s another ‘date’


So may be honeymoon’s over

Why keep count of each mile?

The sweet nothings we mumble

Make the journey worthwhile

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The Infidel

The hollow silences
Incomplete sentences
You are avoiding my eye
I am beginning to see

I have been ousted
Without ado, banished
From a kingdom
I mistook to be mine

I can sense the shame
You can’t say my name
Guilt and exasperation
Both bursting in mind

I am tired of this act
Why not come clean
Better I set you free
Than stay here, broken

My pride is wounded
Dismay has me surrounded
I lay in bed with you
You smell of elsewhere

Our miserable choices
My misplaced trust
Your fickle fidelity
What choppy waters

I knew you well
Or so I thought
We share a house
But live separately

Should I walk out?
Would it be easy?
On me, on you?
Where are my answers?

You are trying a lot
To rescue the scene
I might not make it
You take your chance

Flee, and let me be
Let me see
I might be stronger
Than even I know


Chronicles of the Newly Wed

She shivers in the chill
Of her growing dread
What will he think?
Her heart starts to sink
Bad things happen
It was a mistake, dear
Forgive me, she rehearses
Truth can be hard
But lies won’t do

He rings the bell
She answers, slowly
Shutting the door
In somber silence
You were away so long
I was lonely, but I
Shouldn’t have let this
I didn’t mean to…
Biting her soft lips
Trembling under his gaze
Words seem to vanish
Leaving no trace

‘What is it?!’ He urges her
To confess, fearing things
He didn’t want to know
Yet he had to hear
Not trusting himself
On what he could bear

Her cheeks are cold
Fingers restless
Stuttering, she whispers
How she has been
A good wife so far
A friend, she hopes
For all of her life

I tried to cook for you…
She points, to the remains
Of burned rice and gravy
‘That’s it?!’ He exclaims,
Casting off his chef’s shirt
Pulling her frail arms close
As he laughed away
Her childlike fears
With gentle, happy love

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