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Winter is coming

Sun sets, before the day has ended
Time sighs and then resigns
Itself to march on and ignore
Pleading eyes and shivering skin
Frozen palms beg for respite
Buried in dull grey overcoats
Sunburnt leaves breathe their last
Writhing around on merciless stone
Even the clouds have finally lost it
Tired of smiling for photographs
Sky chokes, smothered it seems
Unless this is all just for laughs
Chapped lips lament to each other
As icy drafts hiss into my ears
“Our turn now, winter is coming”


Poem – Stars

What wonderful magicians they are
Smiling down quietly from afar

Jewels woven into the endless sky
They wink merry as night goes by

A friend in need for the solitary
They fill voids, emotional penury

For a lonely soul here and there
Wanting to lay a torn heart bare

The world sleeps on without a care
Your grief, twinkling things share

Wiping away tears you try to hide
Healing wounds from deep inside

Your fallen dreams, they silently gather
In your eyes they fill and you wander

Hopeless nights then turn beautiful
And hopes fill your basket bountiful

Under heaven’s canopy you sit calm
And heal slowly, waiting for dawn

They stay by you till the dark ends
And a new day comes to make amends

Patient angels, you truly thank them
Hoping next night again they will come.

looking at stars

Haiku 3 – Snow

1. Gifts for her

A drizzle of diamonds

From the sky

2. Eyes closed

Stretch my tongue out

Taste heaven

3. Earth is cold

Ought to get a blanket

Snow delivered

4. Ever so quiet

Such a calming sight

Them snowflakes

5. Winter hunts grass

Where shall she then hide?

Below, says snow


Haiku 2 – Nature’s Little Things

  1. Huge yellow trees

Hand leftovers to winter

Bartered for greens.

  1. Red-nosed in winter

Or sunburned in summer?

I love spring.

  1. Many grey clouds

All pregnant with rain

Then it pours.

  1. Two months of sun

Others perfect for tea

My lovely city.

  1. Free from the noise

Of the concrete jungle

A young lion roars.

  1. Goosebumps in the cold

And then a sudden gust

Of wind, how cruel.

  1. A cool blue stream

It was meant to meet

My tired feet.

  1. Shining cobweb

Trapping the sunlight

And a poor fly.


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