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Smile a mile :)

We’ve all had our share of blues. That weekend when all plans collide and flop , or the day you fight with mom and wonder how to make her talk to you, the lousy workplace challenges that bog you down, etc etc etc…

The big bad blues do give us a hard time, sigh. But cmon, we are supposed to fight them right and propah. With every other day of blues I face, I try to discover a new way of tackling them actively. For instance,

1. Send a simple hi to everyone on my contact list/ some long lost one  – It’s amazing to see that nearly everyone responds back with a hey, hi, how’re you?

2. Call cheery, talkative people and listen to them talk for hours – There are some people who can simple cheer me up with the silly, amusing things they talk about for hours together!

3. Check out friends’ pictures on FB – With every other friend on my list adding new pics everyday, it is easy to spend an evening just looking at albums with smiling faces, perks me up instantly (no stalking!)

4. Go for a walk on the terrace – Easy how a quiet walk with music can actually make me appreciate solitude and beat away the blues.

5. Watch regional soaps/TV channels with mom or gran – Yep, the same shows I find ridiculous, are the ones that save me sometimes on lonely weekends. It’s super fun to see granny narrate the proceedings with relish!

6. Pampering self – I love my pajamas, but sometimes, ‘dressing up to look good’ is a life-saving exercise. Look good, feel great, heh heh 😀

7. Making someone else smile – This is one thing I still have to try properly, it is tough na. But perhaps, doing something for someone is one of the best ways to feel really, really good 🙂 So I’m off to surprise mom by doing the dishes tonight. Cant wait to see her surprised face when she finds the sink emptied 😀


Plan crash!

It isn’t a typo in the title of a plane crash narrative pah. It is about plans, or the futility of plans.

Hmmm, so you feel secure and happy with your arrangement. You think you have it all figured, that you won’t have problems, not with your preparation. But tada, you do! And you can’t help it, grin or growl, but bear it all anyway.

I used to be like that – plan things, worry about my plans, change plans, et al. It turned out that half of them can’t work out anyway.

See, I was happy about the cab facility at my new office. No hassle of early morning sprints to the bus stop. No lugging a heavy bag one km to the bus bay in the evening rains, blah blah. I remember journeying in the old city buses that we had in my previous company campus. Boy, now I was hassle-free. Or so I thought. Taking a lift to the basement, I settled into the back-left corner of my cab for quiet and comfort. We were on our way, and then, things happened within minutes – The Indica window wouldn’t roll up fully, it began raining, we were in a traffic jam, and I was shivering in a ‘chic’ outfit as the icy raindrops fell on me. I could almost picture God (always the merry Ganesha) pointing and laughing, “Popat, popat”.

Sometimes, plans just don’t work. These days, when people ask me what I’ve planned for the weekend, I tell people that I ‘believe in spontaneity’. Saves face, no?

The new girl in office

This is not about ‘the girl in yellow boots’ (I haven’t watched the movie yet but it seems worth a dekko).

Nah, ye kahani hai iss ek ladki ki, jo office me nayi nayi aayi hai’. I guess I’m done with moping and missing the old workplace. This week’s my time to show up all excited at the new aapees.

But why does it take me a dozen different trials in front of the mirror to find something to wear on a Monday morning? Am I dressing to impress? Ahem. Cha, we should’ve had uniforms only (forget I said that, this is a one-off moment). I am better off with a low-maintenance pretty Indian kurta outfit.

Even Nature has ensured that I can’t bother much about my looks. See, a bunch of frizzy curls, a face that borders on the edge of cute kiddishness, and a bordering-on-the-edge-of-slim avatar. Not perfect, not worth worrying about either. This means that I will not pretend to be haughty by adjusting my locks ten times a day. I won’t pout behind a layer of lipstick. I will be the new girl who’s just a little nervous and somewhat excited.

But I am happy, aye? Somewhere inside the packed Volvo bus where makeup often melts down in sweat, hairdos get messed up and branded clothes are wrinkled, I am still me. I enter office completely normally, huffing and rushing towards the Security helpdesk, fumbling for documents and things. But I greet people with a silly grin, often getting lost in corridors while running around to get my laptop, stationery and accessories (remember the school books and uniforms and shoe buying times?)

People are looking at me – a small office (apart from the ‘er…this is me’ look) means newbies get noticed in a blink. I smile shyly at the many beaming faces that scrutinize me top to toe. But they’re all friendly. I run into people who introduce themselves readily at the coffee machine, the printer, the cafeteria… Lovely!

I ask in the induction program luncheon, “Hey why is everyone so quiet?” That came out goofily (judging by the silence), but made way for super conversations within minutes, phew. People around me say, “We were thinking the same.” Aha, the ice is broken and we discuss everything, from the funny local news broadcasts to the benefits of pepper spray!

Being ‘the new girl’ in the office is certainly fun. For all those people saying that PYTs misuse their privileges, we don’t. Making new friends is customary. Giving back a smile should be a habit. Taking the initiative to talk is a good thing. C’mon, a little shameless self-introduction helps! Who gets called for lunches, the ‘Leave me alone’ person or the ‘Hey take me along person’? And I discovered that speaking out is better than swallowing words that someone else will bring up.

I am enjoying the honeymoon now, though I found the place brimming with damn smart folks who seem to know a lot more than dear old Dee. But I want to get socializing during the remainder of the break, so enough gyan for now. “Whaa…Logo contestaa? Awesome. Bring it on”.

They’re handing out chart paper and sketch pens. Got to go!

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