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Live it like you mean it!

Set sail!
Head out!
You can feel the sun warming your skin!
Buckle up!
Get going!
Today is not meant for staying in!
Turn around!
Sing aloud!
And the birds will accompany!
Run hard!
Laugh harder!
Let yourself go weak in the knee!
Play games!
Play pranks!
Get the child in you up on swings!
Taste rain!
Chase a train!
Someone might return your winks!
Try to whistle!
Get tickled!
Feel your lips spreading in a smile!
Blow bubbles!
Toss pebbles!
Let your hair loose once a while!
Forget time!
Roll in grime!
Muddy faces can be winsome too!
Watch butterflies!
Look at clouds!
Let them cast their spell on you!
Be with friends!
Open presents!
If anyone needs to have fun, it’s you!

Set sail! Head out! Buckle up! Get going! Turn around! Sing aloud! Run hard! Laugh harder!
Play games! Play pranks! Taste rain! Chase a train! Try to whistle! Get tickled! Blow bubbles!
Toss pebbles! Forget time! Roll in grime! Watch butterflies! Look at clouds! Be with friends! Open presents!

If anyone deserves a life, it’s you!



Finding Me

I stand at the threshold
Of a chaotic universe
I’m committed to see it
While escorting a babble
Of doubts and some blues
Like unwelcome guests
If only they were absent
But then, it’s a chance
I’m told is ‘heaven-sent’
So biting my fears down
I step into a labyrinth
Seeking some resolution
The answers to a future
I’m told I ‘certainly own’.

And what did I expect?
It is dark and muddy!
But no point hovering, so
I make my way forward
A tad gingerly around
My shattered illusions
Scraping mud and grime
Off my poor self-esteem
Often picking up hopes
Half-eaten by distrust
My clothes they tear on
Tiffs and bad thoughts
Ouch! I swallow and sigh
Stumbling on egotism,
Of this one hindrance
I was so duly warned.

Obstacles at every step
Garbage round the bend
It is far from an easy job,
This ‘incredible internship’
And then I recall, that
The brochure also said
I would learn some things
If I just applied myself
The whole of my soul
And so I… I continue
Without a guidebook
Only a heavy backpack
Of curious possibilities…

I fumble for my notes
Made the night before
In astonishing clarity
Alarmingly rare, that.
Wiggling vanity? Trample it!
Squeaky cynicism? Squash it!
Wary “what-if”? Crush it!
Aching ambition? Nurse it!
Precious memory? Save it!
Lasting love? Pick it!
Feeble faith? Cradle it!
It helps that I prepared
To give this all I had
For the mist soon clears
And I see what I need to
Though it’s not quite
What I expected it to be.

I stand still and solemn
At a mirror labelled “You”
And I find myself in it
Clean and properly shiny
Not a trace of past filth
Nearby, a bin to dump trash
And a bag to carry back
My keepsakes, treasures
Things I was meant to have,
And best of all, I then find
A growing, glowing smile
I trade it for my frown
Excited at what I’ve found.

So this is what it is,
The lesson I must heed
As the clock ticks by, must
Have the time of my life
And so I turn my back
On existence I don’t need
Marching home instead
With a life I’ll proudly lead.


City of Lights

The City that lights up your eyes

Paris is indeed, the city that lights up the heart.

The Comet and the Sun

A speck in the cosmos
Invisible to most
I drifted, aimless
A solo existence…

Being an icy rock
I knew not of love
Or fiery passion
Until I was chosen
By you.

A magnificent inferno
Brilliant, blazing ball
Of scorching warmth
Drawing me closer
Chipping away at all
The hidden parts of me

My frozen body melting
I lost control in a trice
Bits of me pulled apart
In unrestrained response
I could not stop it, no
And so I fell for you

My core swiftly exposed
I knew instantly my fate
Surrendered even so,
For I had to touch you
And fulfil my fantasies
If it meant I’d die trying.

It was impossible to save
Anyway, by then
Any part of my soul
As your strong flare
Embraced my nucleus
I had eyes only for you,
I burned in devotion
Intense emotion
And thus the end began.

Slicing the black sky
I rain down in pieces
An epic love story
Destined to end in awe
Broken, but shimmering.

I smile at my fortune
As I come crashing
On display like a firework
But far more beautiful
Thanks to you
Oh dangerous love

My dramatic burning
Attracts the eye
It’s a dazzling show
I know not what I was before
But I know who I am now
Gasping for breath
Before I succumb in joy,
I repeat how I’m only
And truly, yours.


Scents of Longing

You there, that magical
Cologne he favours,
Sharp, fresh and easy
To define his morning

Revealing a little later
Subtle notes of jasmine
A very loving scent
Reminding me well
Of his vibrant smiles

Signing off with amber
Teasing my senses
Or is it musk?
I can’t wait for dusk

I enjoy seeing him
Off to work, whistling
It is an experience
That enchants me, excites me
Watching a man merry
Embracing life like that.

I miss that much of him
When he is out, but
I can savour at leisure,
His presence in absence
You ensure that, Cologne.

I owe you a lot, for
Your fragrance is unique
Just like him, and it
Leaves me longing too,
I want more of him.


For I am ME

I am happy
Like the marooned sailor
Spotting a fleet of brethren

I am loved
Like swollen raindrops
Falling on a starving land

I am enduring
Like once-frosty trees
Dismissing winter’s claim

I am phenomenal
Like feisty soldiers
Heading for another mission

I am resilient
Like bent blades of grass
Surviving the worst storm

I am a mystery
Like the black void
Intriguing all who inspect

I am compassion
Like the last bread
Given away by a poor man

I am a healer
Like the circus clown
Spreading joy even while in pain

I am me
Like you never dreamed could be
Mocking your hate, untruth, vanity
I am me
Like you never thought could be
Repelling your venom with simple pity

I am me
Like you never can be
So you might as well
Watch your words
Spare your opinions
Save your face
And mind your tongue
You do not get my time
Let alone my defeat!

For I am me
Like you never can hope to be.


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You are the Reason – Poem

Do you truly love me, I ask you
A question so foolish
I know before I say the words
I cannot help it, though
This heart refuses to hush
It craves a response
Time and again, I ask, you reply
Not in words alone, but in action
In thought, in compassion.

You are not the answer to a prayer
You are why I thank my stars
Instead of pleading with them!

Do I love you, you never ask
It is also a question foolish
How can I help but love you?
With all the pull and push
Life being this mad rush
I drowned in my own shadow
And you appeared like the Sun
Not in my want, but in need
A void waiting to be filled.

You are not the answer to a prayer
For with all my heart, I could never
Dare to wish for such benevolence!

You scare me sometimes,
With this larger than life business
I have you on a pedestal
How can I then touch you?
The deprived ones eye my fortune
I want to cling tight to you
Look away from me and I will droop
Be mine, my own sunshine

You are not the answer to a prayer,
You are way more than that…
You are the rescuer of my soul!
You are why the earth still moves!
You are why there is joy in my heart!
You are why I believe there is a God!



Haiku 3 – Snow

1. Gifts for her

A drizzle of diamonds

From the sky

2. Eyes closed

Stretch my tongue out

Taste heaven

3. Earth is cold

Ought to get a blanket

Snow delivered

4. Ever so quiet

Such a calming sight

Them snowflakes

5. Winter hunts grass

Where shall she then hide?

Below, says snow


Haiku 2 – Nature’s Little Things

  1. Huge yellow trees

Hand leftovers to winter

Bartered for greens.

  1. Red-nosed in winter

Or sunburned in summer?

I love spring.

  1. Many grey clouds

All pregnant with rain

Then it pours.

  1. Two months of sun

Others perfect for tea

My lovely city.

  1. Free from the noise

Of the concrete jungle

A young lion roars.

  1. Goosebumps in the cold

And then a sudden gust

Of wind, how cruel.

  1. A cool blue stream

It was meant to meet

My tired feet.

  1. Shining cobweb

Trapping the sunlight

And a poor fly.


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