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Unrequited Love

Fathomless eyes
Stray not an inch
From the epicentre
Of merciless flames
Drawn like moths
Into the brazen heat
Of tragic expression
Willing to perish
Feelings squirm in shame
And writhe in pain
A whole heart carved out
By sharp knives
Into illegible font
Etched on cheap paper
Verses scream stories
At the molten face
Even sealed lips fail
To halt the flow
Of a bleeding love
Ink and parchment
Compose an ironic eulogy
To the life that was
Betrayed by its master
Ambrosia it seemed
Until partaken of
Such scheming hope
The letter a testimony
Surrendering to red logs
That feed the blaze
In an empty house
Remains of love
Lay charred beyond recognition
As the poor thing chokes
And burns to ashes
Taking truth with it
No one need ever know
About the gift
Of mind, heart, and soul
Returned without a note



Bring Back the Days

Bring back the days
When every stolen kiss
Was a secret exchanged between our lips
Every soft touch
An assurance that you were there for me
Every goodbye
But a promise that you would rush home to me
And each step you took
Would bring you even closer to me
When every leaf and flower
Was an excuse to thank life for wonders

Bring back the days
When we danced all night
To passionate tunes in our hearts
When we laughed together
At private jokes none could understand
When we thought aloud
At once and the words were the same
When every bit of silence
Was our toast to sweet nothings
When holding my hand
Was most natural for you to do

Oh bring back the days
For I miss them really bad
Don’t you understand?
You were the one treasure I had
The sole reason I could be glad
I miss you real bad
Bring back the days, please
Bring them back to me
Before my voice dies out
Hear me, please
Bring back the days

If they were meant to be mine alone
Bring them back to me


I Once Slept in Heaven

I slept in heaven
And dreamed
Of us, lips locked
Romancing wild
Urgent whispers
Blazing passion
Unlike what
Any other duo
In love had ever
Known, or so
It seemed, until
It crept on me
Throwing me
Right off guard
Off balance
Upside down
I was hung, with
My whole world.

Not sure if I
Heard you right
That things end
Tonight, that
We are done
Tonight, that
I better get out
Of sight. Well,
Who was I kidding?
Dreams were but
A refuge, where
I escaped to,
Shutting you out
Yes, both of you
For ‘she’ exists.

Perfection was
How I defined ‘us’
The way everyone
Recognized ‘us’
In ignorant bliss
I sat in your lap
On my ‘throne’
While she ruled
Your bleeding heart
I had titles once
‘Darling, my dear
Oh cute little lover’
Boy, how I pranced,
Childish joys, and
Kept on bragging
My man, unaware
Of developments
All around me.

Fine print, damn
Always unread
Until the moment
They point it out
In this case, you.
You read it out.
I repeat after you
All the reasons
I am to blame
For you failing
On your promises.
‘You are paranoid,
You have trust issues,
You are emotional,
Vulnerable, lost.’
If I had no cause
For complaint, ever,
Pray tell me why
You have that
Look in your eye?!

I signed up for love
Crazy, pure love
Unashamed love
But just ‘our’ love
Not unexpected,
Outside love.
Not ‘her’, no.
I fell for you
Prayed for you
Lived for you
And now you
Want me to
Die too, for you.
Of course you
Won’t say it loud
But I can hear it
Clear alright, that
I wasn’t thrown out
Just brushed aside
Gently, slowly, as
I slept in heaven
And dreamed. Well,
I won’t, anymore.


The Honeyed Trap

Unseen tears
Unheard fears
Battered and bent
A withered tree she appears

Afraid to breathe
Afraid to speak
Screaming hoarse for
A horizon that looks bleak

He smothers
He overpowers
She wants to die
A fate like that isn’t hers

Her hidden hurt
Soul ripped apart
Reduced to questions
What now is life worth?

Beating her head
Crying in bed
She wants to run
But she’s chained instead

His low voice
That once enticed
Announces doom
Dismissal of her rights

He hisses
Then kisses
She is scared to react
He’s burned all bridges

He sees no harm
Thinks he has charm
With the rage inside
Thinks he keeps her warm

The world adores him
With them he’s a gem
Returning to the house
Her situation turns grim

She forgave his affairs
He put on more airs
She thought of his promises
Looks like no one cares

Is this the love?
She asks of above
‘Cause pain is all she gets
As a trusting little dove

She is confused
A little amused
At how she dreamt big
And how they were defused

Can she flee?
Set herself free?
Or is this honeyed trap
Where she’s meant to be?


The Infidel

The hollow silences
Incomplete sentences
You are avoiding my eye
I am beginning to see

I have been ousted
Without ado, banished
From a kingdom
I mistook to be mine

I can sense the shame
You can’t say my name
Guilt and exasperation
Both bursting in mind

I am tired of this act
Why not come clean
Better I set you free
Than stay here, broken

My pride is wounded
Dismay has me surrounded
I lay in bed with you
You smell of elsewhere

Our miserable choices
My misplaced trust
Your fickle fidelity
What choppy waters

I knew you well
Or so I thought
We share a house
But live separately

Should I walk out?
Would it be easy?
On me, on you?
Where are my answers?

You are trying a lot
To rescue the scene
I might not make it
You take your chance

Flee, and let me be
Let me see
I might be stronger
Than even I know


You’ll always be THE one

How I beseeched you not too long ago
Not to return my poor heart to me
Of what use was the thing, anyway
Too tired to even try beating again

I refused to leave your porch till dawn
My tears sighed all night at my plight
Maybe it was just another day for you
But my life was begging to be excused

The strength I never claimed to possess
Was being tested to my utter dismay
For who wants to be brave and smile?
When agony is killing you from inside

Whom could I trust when I left all behind
To run after you, tied to my blind hopes
The mystery seemed so welcoming then
I wanted to stay hidden from the world

Protected, mind you, loved, cherished
I gave my all so you may not complain
I loved the good and bore every flaw
You were my universe, to you I belonged
Give me a reason you dashed my pleas

Wiped me out as if I was a disease
What more could I offer than my soul
I would die at your feet, feeling whole
It hurts, I tell you, though you can’t know

When a heart is damaged beyond repair
My innocence is punished in multiple ways
While you get to sit and enjoy the show
I curse not even my enemy to see this day

It is a blinding pain that few can survive
I just sit quietly, badly wanting to scream
Picking the pieces of a shattered dream
It is here that your sister finds me, stunned

As she reveals how you died this morning
I bite my lips, but my brain feels numb
I cannot comprehend why I am told at all
She cries about the crazy fool you were
Sending away the girl you madly loved

Shocking her into coping with your void
By blaming you and opting to forget you
Wow, so you chose to be the ‘bad’ one
Being ‘loved and lost’ did not appeal to you

I wipe my tears and now assure you I won,
You failed in that quest, you are THE one


To hell with all those laws you set
They won’t generate my interest
If you haven’t yet heard me right,
“You bet I won’t have a house arrest!”

Your rules are meant for breaking
Oh yeah, I won’t do things your way
Feel free to sit around sulking
But I’d rather you just go away

To hell with the sweet things you say
When you don’t mean them anyway
If you didn’t quite get the picture,
I tossed your bags out the doorway

Don’t want to be choking
Amidst all the smoking ruins of time
I want to enjoy just breathing
And live a life that’s truly mine

To hell with the mask you wear with ease
I can still clearly see what the truth is
And, if you think I am being fooled,
“Get lost, please!”

There are new sights I’m seeing
New roles that I seem to be cast in
It could be that I am dreaming
But then, the fun is all in believing

To hell with your threats and wily pleas
There’s no wool for you to fleece
I am no lamb to bow my head to you
Even when hell begins to freeze!

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