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The Gift

I press the flowers to my thudding heart
Red they are, like the blood in my veins
Drinking in deeply the fresh scented air
So silver it is, the moonbeam that shines

Look beyond the walls, I whisper to myself
Relish the blue hue sprawled across the night
Velvety trees seem to show off their leaves
Behold Nature, spring in her step, stars bright

It has always been this way, time standing still
The days are golden, sunlight sweeping the sky
They admit that I can bend all colors to my will
A power bestowed upon me; I am not sure why

Dreams find me in every waking moment
I paint the world in a way no one can try
I see what they miss, my eyes are so intent
They own some riches that money can’t buy

He finds his birthday girl thus, again bowled
My frozen fingers grazing a thick black curl
Hold on, I am now feeling a tight blindfold
‘You just wait dear, a surprise will soon unfurl’

For it is time to see this special day’s presents
Me first, me first, mom and dad are screaming
As they stand nearby, my crazy loving parents
The matter’s settled soon, and they are beaming

I sense in excitement that I’m oddly going cold
Oh this aura of mystery is such sweet torment
I wait as the cool cloth gives way, fold by fold
How he takes his own time, gentle and patient

The coolly ticking seconds seem like ages, I think
Voila, it feels so good to break free of soft shell
Sweet lord! I see the world firsthand, gasp and blink
And why our tears are all spilling, I just can’t tell…


Raas Leela, the Divine Dance

Tulips bloomed shyly around the pool, flushed plum, their petals heavy with dew. Blades of grass had surrendered to the breeze, swaying this way and that willingly. The water shivered softly in anticipation as a tender gust of air caressed its skin. A silvery sheen rippled across the layer of grey, making the pool inviting enough for a dip. There were a dozen cows nodding off in the calm morning, their eyes half shut as they munched contentedly on the green turf. Calves frolicked about, chasing away the flies that buzzed as if in a choir. 

The Sun teased the Earth when her damp bosom waited for warmth to dispel her anxiety. He was mischievous today. Obliging clouds watched the proceedings in amusement. A few of the lucky fluffs had a touch of gold enveloping them. They beamed with pride as they maintained the coveted position for a minute. But other clouds tried their best to force them aside, and there was a bit of grumbling in the air.

The damsel, meanwhile, sat at the water’s edge, oblivious to her surroundings, smiling to herself. Her eyes were dripping dreams in the morning mist. She shut them for a minute, feasting on her vision of a love she worshipped. Her feet tapped by themselves, toying with the delicate anklets that tinkled sweetly. Her bright green skirt was in cheery contrast to the deep red blouse that framed her possessively. And her face, why, it looked as if all the honey in the world had poured into her luscious lips. The mole above her lips added to her beauty. Her cheeks had a touch of rose in them, faintly pink. Was she not blushing, then?

She picked a fallen feather, and rested it against her cheek as she imagined them together. The dove that had left the quill must have been a symbol of love, surely? Her heart brimmed with pleasure, eagerly waiting for the moment when they would be united. She sighed happily as time ticked by. A peacock appeared out of nowhere, heaving in vanity. The time had come. It spread out its plumage like the rainbow come alive. As it began prancing, the damsel stirred. She felt it. HE was nearby, watching her.

She got to her feet in confusion. Where was He? And then, she heard his flute work its magic, hypnotizing her. She surrendered. And she felt a pair of arms claim her by the waist. As she blushed deeper and bowed her head, The Lord raised her chin and looked into her bashful eyes. The wise rain drops showered the lovers with blessings. Slowly and in a trance, young girls from the village crept towards the pool in envy. They too wanted a share of the beloved Lord. He smiled at them in understanding as He held Radha close to His chest. And then, they all danced like a dream to the tunes of passion…


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